Online Public Sphere and the Authoritarian State in Turkey–with Bilge Yesil

//Through the lens of some recent incidents, including the Gezi Park protests, the corruption scandal, and the 2014 local elections, Dr. Bilge Yesil’s talk examined the thriving internet culture and emergence of online civic initiatives in Turkey vis a vis  strict government control.


Video: Cartography of Iran’s Online Publics: The Political Landscape of Persian Twitter in 2013

To overcome these challenges and to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the online public environments in Iran, Khazraee and his colleagues at the Center for Global Communication Studies at University of Pennsylvania started a project for the Cartography of Iran’s online publics. The goal of the project is collecting empirical evidence that helps us to achieve a high resolution image of public online environments in Iran. As part of this project, he has conducted research on the Twitter use among Iranian users during Iran’s 2013 presidential election.

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