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Challenges and Opportunities: A Condensed Workshop on Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Internet Governance Research


December 4, 2016
Grand Fiesta Americana Guadalajara Country Club
Guadalajara, GuadalajaraMexico
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Organized by GIGANET & the Internet Policy Observatory at the University of Pennsylvania

4 December, 2:00-6:00pm

Grand Fiesta Americana Guadalajara Country Club

In the “Salon Roble”

Av. Américas 1551 Col. Providencia, Guadalajara

Internet governance research has traditionally been at the interdisciplinary cross-roads of many traditions. In the last years, this trend is becoming more prevalent as the challenges to address and theorize Internet governance issues increasingly rely on a greater understanding of the nexus between technical configurations and their social, legal, and economic implications. To help bridge the gap across disciplines and open opportunities for interdisciplinary research, this half day event will feature a panel of computer scientists and social, political and/or legal scientists who have been conducting research on issues such as censorship, net neutrality, access, privacy and surveillance to discuss methodological issues as well best practices for collaboration between scholars from a variety of disciplines and examples of those collaborations. In addition to building space for increased collaboration between researchers in different academic fields, this event will discuss efforts to enable communication and coordination with CSOs who are engaged in research as part of digital rights advocacy efforts.

Discussions will focus on how to foster research that is relevant both in academic circles as well as for policy and advocacy communities, how to build research collaborations with advocacy organizations that might be conducting research or have access to significant datasets, and how to bring more and diverse researchers and academics, particularly emerging talent, into internet governance conversations and spaces. The final session of the program will feature an open roundtable to discuss the role of academics (and GIGANET) in the wider internet governance and policymaking context.

For the full agenda and to RSVP, please email lsh@asc.upenn.edu

The event is free of charge, but requires advanced registration.