This project aims to study self-censorship by social media users in Kyrgyzstan. The goal of this study is to contribute to a small body of scholarship about Central Asia related to self-censorship on social media within an authoritarian context.

This white paper draws on survey research on self-censorship practices of Kyrgyz citizens conducted between October and November, 2017. The report provides a historical account of Kyrgyzstan’s political and media systems and an overview of the findings as they relate to contemporary practices of silence and expression online and offline in the country. It then offers analysis of these findings and recommendations to the policy and advocacy communities working on issues related to democratization and freedom of expression in the Central Asian region.

This project is part of the IPO’s Research for Impact publications series. The academic paper, authored by Bahtiyar Kurambayev, Laura Schwartz-Henderson, and Ken Winneg, is currently under review for publication.

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